Wednesday, July 04, 2012

伴 --

伴 - 黄小琥

很有意思的一首歌  =)
可是我这个年纪  不太适合这首歌的歌词咯 ><
十年二十年以后 可能对我来说更有意思 :]

I have decided to study health science .
And I'm taking STPM for Pre-U , after deep consideration :]

At the present moment , all I can do is study harder ,
wished to get scholarship :]

I study in a different class with my close friends since Form Four ,
and I kinda love Alfa class actually =D
I'm so glad to meet new friends especially the shorty Pey Pey ah xD

We had awesome time in classrooms :]
My study is the worst in our gang *sad lo* .__.
The photo was taken at the BBQ party :]
I love 5A ^^
I call her shorty but I'm shorter O.o
Pey pey hen ke ai ! :D <3

"Gor .. Do I look like a 17-years-old ? "
"Yeaa .."
Oh .. I'm not young anymore ~~ ><
It's the last year for me to be in secondary school ..
I'll appreciate the time I spend in school with classmates and friends :]
*I know I'll miss secondary school study life one day :3*

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