Thursday, June 18, 2015

I can't leave the past in the past..

Pictures of yours remind me how significant 11th of June was to me.. Back then, we were so close, that we slept on the same bed shared endless happiness, secrets and gossips, met each other almost 7 days a week, until we were both bored of seeing each others hah
 Ridiculously, just a pair contact lens proved how distant is our friendship now. You couldnt recognize me, nor my mom now.

 I always questioned myself, what if you didnt go to the park with BPH that time. Would CKR still sticking close to each other, like how we used to do? Or..what if I didnt take sides that time?
It's not that I have not tried to loose the knot between you guys, it's your mistake was too wrong that she cant ever totally forgive you.. I had enough of topic changing whenever I brought this up. What seems to be fine, is it really okay??

You are passive, as usual. Only I will take the initiation to approach you first, to voice out first, to break the cold wall and invite you for a lunch on 12 dec. But I never had the courage to cross this border of our friendship. Blogging is a good way to express. At least I cant see your indifferent.

Yet, I truly appreciate your presence in my hardest time, and my ups and downs. Thank you, my once dearest.

Goodbye to our friendship, although its doesn't feel good in the bye..

你们都不在乎了, 为什么我还无法走出这过去

 -- 可有可无的朋友

Thursday, December 26, 2013

SPM-ed life :)

OMG hiiiiiii~~~ ^^
I finally update my blog after 1 YEAR :O

Okay, so I'm gonna talk about me, my studies and my life..
Throwback to last year at this time, I finished my secondary school and SPM..
So I worked as waitress and promoter at 3 different places in 5 months while waiting for STPM to start..
Hmm.. 3 working places.. WHERE and WHY?? >.<

Restaurant Carbon Brasa, I had worked there before during my form 4 December holiday as a part-timer.. but working as a full time waitress is totally different..
VERY THE TIRED, and TOUGH la of course..
Luckily I had Mayyee jiejie's accompanion .. my senior laa :)
I resigned at the 8th day of working.. LOL yes u can laugh.
My boss treat us quite well also, provided staff meals everyday and the Myanmar colleagues were friendly and helpful :D
Too bad.....The salary is not worth for the amount of work at all and I had to work until 1a.m. during weekends, it's really inconvenient for me, as I can't drive plus my house was so far o.O

Restaurant BarB.Q Plaza, initially I went there because my boyfriend was working there..
Funny funny, after I actually got fired I understand already.. couple CAN NEVER work at the same place, it caused much troubles and we couldn't date, lol
The salary there was quite high for a waiter, but IOI outlet's manager and the SWEET cashier he newly hired were daughter and son of a xxxxx, pardon me for this but you can ask people worked under them ;)
I got fired, yes but before I leave the damned place, I quarreled with the manager, haha long story here but from him, I learned so much of the society and reality..

Eu Yan Sang, my friend recommended me to work at IOI Jusco's booth..
This was the best job to me, although the salary was not so attractive but my senior, a young lady treated so so well..
I learned about the chinese herbs and medicine and I got to drink the ginseng tea almost everyday haha
It was a lil bit bored when the customers of the day were so little that you feel as free as a bird? LOL @.@
I spent longer time working here in the holiday and I was so happy to meet the senior :)

Yep,these are my working experience, working life was tough, huh >.<
And I got 8A's 1B+ 2C+'s in my SPM, funny lea?? C is more than B :p
I had such a personality and guts to give ALL up on the subject I hated so much,
Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah, I had never touched Sejarah during my revision, and I wrote BM essays in Sejarah paper 2, pls salute xDDD *jk*
And I even scored my Bahasa Cina better than BM..
BM is very important??? *so what face* :3

So soon, my pre-university journey had begun ..
I chose STPM mainly because of my financial problem..
If u ask me how much my Secondary school life has changed..
SO MUCH.. STPM is very tough honestly..
only hardworking and smart student survive, and obviously.. I'm not. :p
STPM has changed in 2012, from terminal system to semester system, in which the candidates take STPM for 3 times but 1 time..
3 sems for 1 and a half year, 1 sem for half year..

I chose Science stream and I took 4 subjects, Maths T, Biology, Chemistry and Pengajian Am a.k.a General Paper.
STPM students are compulsory to take this Malaysian University English Test, which comprises of 4 parts of test, Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.
But we only necessary to take this test for once, or twice if u want to retake ;)

Currently, I am still in my first semester break, but ending soon.. :(
I did pretty bad in my sem 1's STPM, I am not confident to get any A's, not even a B zzz
I'm so dead, STPM is not like SPM, you studied alot, burned midnight oil, swallowing notes and went thru exercises, but don't guarantee an A for your paper :O

OK stop talking about this mood dampening test zzz
In this holiday, I have dated my boyfriend many times, met all my close friends and had some fun outing with my STPM classmates :)
Ya, I'm trying to enjoy my holiday to the fullest, as i know I will not have any free time next year
As told and 'haunted' by my seniors for the 'scariness' and toughness of sem2 and 3..

Come to the very last part of this post, i want to talk about my boyfriend a bit ><
As the days go, we have been together for a year already, I didn't know we can come to this far.
But I must say, all because of his love, unselfishness, cherish and most importantly, tolerance on me.
It's my greatest pleasure to meet him and have him in my life :)


Don't ask me when will I update my blog again, haha I love leaving it dusty and rusty :p

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

伴 --

伴 - 黄小琥

很有意思的一首歌  =)
可是我这个年纪  不太适合这首歌的歌词咯 ><
十年二十年以后 可能对我来说更有意思 :]

I have decided to study health science .
And I'm taking STPM for Pre-U , after deep consideration :]

At the present moment , all I can do is study harder ,
wished to get scholarship :]

I study in a different class with my close friends since Form Four ,
and I kinda love Alfa class actually =D
I'm so glad to meet new friends especially the shorty Pey Pey ah xD

We had awesome time in classrooms :]
My study is the worst in our gang *sad lo* .__.
The photo was taken at the BBQ party :]
I love 5A ^^
I call her shorty but I'm shorter O.o
Pey pey hen ke ai ! :D <3

"Gor .. Do I look like a 17-years-old ? "
"Yeaa .."
Oh .. I'm not young anymore ~~ ><
It's the last year for me to be in secondary school ..
I'll appreciate the time I spend in school with classmates and friends :]
*I know I'll miss secondary school study life one day :3*