Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn ! :D

It's Tuesday ! ^^
Yea , I spent my day with Rebecca . I had tuition class at morning till 11 30 . When she arrived to my house , mummy let her in and she waited at my house . Haha terpaksa punya laa .. Both of us oso had some transportation problem to IOI mall at 1 o'clock wo ? >__<

Took U70 ~ Reached the mall at 1 something , had lunch at Mc'Donald . Chatted quite some time there then bought Share Tea for our movie, Breaking Dawn : Part 1 ! :D

We watched the movie with 2 of my classmates , Wei Kang and Lai lo . Lai and I were "k leh feh" a.k.a light bulb la !! And Breaking Dawn is a romantic movie , has so much kissing scene lehh , teased them >< and the movie is nice , can't wait for the Part 2 one :]

Finished watching movie at 5 something , they went home and Rebecca and I went for pool . We spent much time there laa , playing pool while chatting (Girls have a LOT to chat!) HAHAHA Lastly ? I WON !!!!!! xDDDDD

Next , walked around and went QBean shop ! Soy Ice-cream !!! Muahahaaaaa It's been a long time we never have the ice-cream ehh x] what to do there ? Chit-chat la !! (Again!) :P
Ms. Joe Ern called us and invited us for another day to MBA =.= walao c'mon ! Janganlah , we just went for badminton last Saturday with Leyi lehh muscle pain joint pain backbone pain !!!! ><''

I reached home at 8 ++ laa ~ What a tiring day huhu .__.
But kinda enjoy the day by teasing Rebecca Yean HEHEH *grinning* :D

Heard of a news that one of my friend passed away yesterday night , may her to be happy with God and Rest In Peace .

I have heard of using Money to buy Friendship , but using Friendship for Money .. Is that worth ? I want to know the answer too :]

Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Elton John ♥

Monday, November 28, 2011

n 55!w !

I'd always thought that if you treat people nicely , people would do the same too . But it's not that way .. It's just me , being too naive . People is SELFISH ! People would only think about themselves and live in their own world . I hate people with their SELFISHNESS !