Monday, June 25, 2012

Sad sad situation :C

The midyear exam had passed , so as the holidays . June is about to finish , and SPM trial is on September , second trial on October and SPM on November .. I'm not trying to make anyone who is reading this to be nervous or what , I'm just counting my day like tomorrow is SPM @____@  In fact , one of my tuition friend even more crazy than me , doing precise calculation that we left only 6 days for one subject .__. siao

I have a bad habit , which I should and I must change it but I couldn't -- I study at the eleventh hour everytime . I have the mood to study only before the day of exam , that's why I gotta sleep late every night during exam , I don't even sleep sometimes . -.- During exam , Nescafe and I became best friend , but after exam , I don't take it at all , I hate coffee actually o.O

Today , I just checked my result and ranking in my class all. I have set my target to get all subject pass and average mark more than 70 , I managed to achieve both . But sadly , I got 24th in the class among 30 students.  It's me being not hardworking enough or everyone is smarter than me?? I had always told myself that being hardworking can solve any problem eventhough I was not borned smart. But it seems like  I was just lying to myself. How to become a doctor in the future la? Dumb like hell..

Besides studies , I am frustrated to a friendship I have built since primary school too. I understand la, things changed. Accept the change, Karen :]

 Okay , It's SPM tomorrow , I must sleep now goodnight everybody :)