Thursday, June 18, 2015

I can't leave the past in the past..

Pictures of yours remind me how significant 11th of June was to me.. Back then, we were so close, that we slept on the same bed shared endless happiness, secrets and gossips, met each other almost 7 days a week, until we were both bored of seeing each others hah
 Ridiculously, just a pair contact lens proved how distant is our friendship now. You couldnt recognize me, nor my mom now.

 I always questioned myself, what if you didnt go to the park with BPH that time. Would CKR still sticking close to each other, like how we used to do? Or..what if I didnt take sides that time?
It's not that I have not tried to loose the knot between you guys, it's your mistake was too wrong that she cant ever totally forgive you.. I had enough of topic changing whenever I brought this up. What seems to be fine, is it really okay??

You are passive, as usual. Only I will take the initiation to approach you first, to voice out first, to break the cold wall and invite you for a lunch on 12 dec. But I never had the courage to cross this border of our friendship. Blogging is a good way to express. At least I cant see your indifferent.

Yet, I truly appreciate your presence in my hardest time, and my ups and downs. Thank you, my once dearest.

Goodbye to our friendship, although its doesn't feel good in the bye..

你们都不在乎了, 为什么我还无法走出这过去

 -- 可有可无的朋友